In the spirit of innovation together with constant progress, the Unioncamere del Veneto invited AFS’ Founder, Mauro Andriotto to participate in their event in Venice, Italy on 25.06.2019. There our founder was able to present STOs in Venice. We would like to present our gratitude for the quality experience, valuable time as well as thought-provoking discussions.

There Mr. Andriotto had the opportunity to introduce the methodology behind Security Token Offerings (STOs) – the way they work, as well as the benefits they bring to the modern economy. What is worth noting here, though, is that apparently, as Mr. Andriotto himself stated:

“Companies are more and more interested to understand the opportunities alternative capital markets channels provide…”

Attention grabbing for the all attendants also turned out to be one of the first public presentations of EDSX – the European Digital Asset Exchange, which is soon to be officially launched for public use to all interested in investing in digital assets (tokenised securities). But more on that will be announced as the time goes by.

Real investors from WEL played an important role at the event. Their presence benefitted the companies presenting products on the panel. This included Bloomyt, an IOT-revolutionizing company at

Discussions in Venice and a prior event organized by CV Labs Zug showed blockchain and digital securities gaining serious traction. Based on these talks, it’s clear the financial world increasingly accepts blockchain. This emerging technology is changing how fundraising occurs.

STOs in Venice

Based in Zug, the platform is fully compliant with all Swiss laws related to financial intermediaries, banking, anti-money laundering, and organized trading facilities. Among its core values, there are innovative solutions through blockchain technology, which ensures security and liquidity.

EDSX is the first platform in Europe with primary and secondary markets for both institutional and retails. EDSX is a pioneering platform that employs the world’s leading technology to globally list security tokens in both primary and secondary markets, listing digital securities of real financial instruments to the public with a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. Our goal is to fully engage every aspect of the financial revolution.

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