The European Digital Assets Exchange (EDSX) is pleased to announce its new collaboration with TradingView. EDSX expands its digital asset offerings with many new deals for securities, bonds, and equity projects ready to launch. This renowned financial market analysis platform partners with EDSX. The partnership comes as EDSX grows its offerings in the near future. Many exciting deals are ready for release. EDSX’s secondary market user experience gains a major boost. Investors can trade securities with more ease and exactness. Trading View’s strong tools and market understanding enable this.


Trading View aids traders globally in identifying market chances. Furthermore, TradingView offers live data and customizable charts. These charts cover over 3 million tools like stocks, currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies. In addition, TradingView houses a strong analysis engine. More than 100 built-in technical markers fuel this engine. Users can also boost analysis by making tailored markers. Likewise, the platform presents highly adjustable real-time charts. Not only can users insert various markers into these charts. Similarly, they can modify chart styles and transparencies too. Drawings are also able to be added. Combined, these features and the clear interface empower informed research and choices.




Through this new partnership, investors utilizing the EDSX platform will gain access to TradingView’s powerful real-time charts and data directly within the EDSX interface. The integration of Trading View’s graphs will enable users to import or create their preferred technical indicators on the EDSX site, allowing them to develop customized trading strategies without needing to toggle between browser tabs. This seamless incorporation of advanced technical analysis capabilities directly into the trading environment streamlines the decision-making workflow for EDSX investors. By simplifying their research and strategy development process, the partnership significantly enhances the user experience. For investors to fully take advantage of the integration, they will need to create or log into their Trading View account.


This collaboration represents an important milestone for both EDSX and TradingView. By integrating TradingView’s sophisticated market insights and technical analysis tools directly into the EDSX platform, the partnership aims to provide investors with a significant competitive advantage through superior research capabilities and a streamlined workflow. Looking ahead, the new collaboration between EDSX and TradingView will continue as they work together to enhance the user experience and ensure investors have access to the highest quality tools and data needed to effectively capture emerging opportunities in digital asset markets.

New Collaboration with TradingView

Based in Zug, the platform is fully compliant with all Swiss laws related to financial intermediaries, banking, anti-money laundering, and organized trading facilities. Among its core values, there are innovative solutions through blockchain technology, which ensures security and liquidity.

EDSX is the first platform in Europe with primary and secondary markets for both institutional and retails. EDSX is a pioneering platform that employs the world’s leading technology to globally list security tokens in both primary and secondary markets, listing digital securities of real financial instruments to the public with a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. Our goal is to fully engage every aspect of the financial revolution.

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