Real estate tokenization is a relatively new concept that is rapidly gaining popularity among property investors. EDSX, the first compliant secondary market in Europe, recently announced the launch of its first real estate tokenization project in Italy, Maison Valdigne. It is located 10 km from Courmayeur in the district of Morgex. The project will soon be available on the platform, offering both primary and secondary markets (click here).

The project involves the renovation of a multi-level property. It will consist of 16 apartments and a retail space, with a total value of approximately 7.5 million euros. Investors can expect a projected return of nearly 30% after corporate taxes. The project consists of two companies: an Italian real estate LLC for development and a Swiss financial holding company for investors. Andriotto Financial Services (AFS), a financial boutique, acts as the issuer and financial sponsor, nearly securing all capital through an investor club deal.

Courmayeur, a renowned tourist spot in northwest Italy’s Aosta Valley, attracts real estate investors. The EDSX founder will attend an event in Milan on April 19th to discuss real estate tokenization benefits.

In summary, real estate tokenization is a process that enables investors to purchase ownership shares in a property in the form of tokens. These tokens can be traded on a secondary market, such as EDSX, making the buying and selling of real estate much easier, more liquid, faster, and secure. Additionally, tokens can be divided into smaller fractions, allowing investors to own shares in large and expensive projects as well.

Real estate tokenization also offers a wide range of investment opportunities. As investors can participate in real estate projects anywhere in the world, without the restrictions of traditional property investments. Furthermore, since the tokens comply with all civil and financial regulations, investors can enjoy an investment protected by rigorous regulations.

EDSX’s secondary market follows Swiss regulations, offering a secure, cost-effective option for real estate investors. Italy’s inaugural real estate tokenization project is an exciting opportunity for investors to explore this lucrative market. In the coming years, real estate tokenization will become a popular trend, providing various benefits to investors. The launch of EDSX’s tokenization project in Courmayeur is just the beginning, with more high-yield property projects expected. Overall, his offers a chance to diversify your portfolio and enter the luxury real estate market securely and affordably.

Maison Valdigne

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