We are pround to present our InvestaX collaboration to explore the cross listing of security tokens between Switzerland and Singapore.

The goal of the partnership is to evaluate cross-listing through the exchange platform between Europe and Asia. EDSX and InvestaX, respectively based in Switzerland and Singapore, have therefore initiated a productive partnership that will increase the liquidity for both companies concerning the STO market.

What exactly is cross-listing?

It is the listing of a company’s common shares on a different exchange than its primary and original stock exchange. In order to be approved, the company must meet the same requirements as any other listed member of the exchange according to the accounting policies – these include the initial filing, the minimum number of shareholders, and minimum capitalization.

Some of the main advantages are owning shares trade in multiple time zones, boosting liquidity, as well as providing access to fresh capital, which wouldn’t be possible if the company chose to only list in their home country.

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The companies:


About InvestaX

Neufund is a Singapore-based fintech company with a mission to open private capital markets through blockchain technology. Neufund has driven innovation at finance and technology’s intersection since 2015. They created the world’s first end-to-end solution on their licensed platform. This allows for issuing, trading, and storing digital securities. Digital securities represent real assets such as real estate and private equities. They remove barriers between investors and opportunities. Neufund streamlines fundraising for high-growth companies. It also provides liquidity previously absent in private markets. Using blockchain, Neufund developed leading digital security protocols. They launched secondary market trading in private capital. Neufund achieved milestones paving the way for more inclusive, efficient private markets globally.

The mission:

Use blockchain technologies to develop leading technology-driven investment vehicles known as digital security offerings (DSO), reducing costs, removing friction and increasing transparency as well as secondary trading in private markets.


“Being huge advocates of the use of blockchain as the next step in the evolution of finance since 2017, we are always looking for the right partners to build the framework and infrastructures to allow the facilitation of CeFi and DeFi for global inclusion. Having cross border partnerships such as this will strengthen both platform’s reach and capabilities to allow us to build the necessary steps and connect previously siloed financial products to the global stage! “Darren Wong, Head of Investment Solutions at InvestaX

Moving Forward

This collaboration between EDSX and InvestaX will improve liquidity for security token offerings trading on both exchanges. By enabling cross-listing, more investors in Europe and Asia will now have access to investment opportunities that were previously isolated regionally. This expanded reach is already attracting greater trading volume and valuation for companies utilizing security tokens to raise capital. Ultimately, the InvestaX Collaboration aims to connect investable markets across borders through blockchain technology, thereby demonstrating how distributed ledgers can facilitate more integrated and global private capital markets. The outcomes of this pilot initiative are providing valuable insights into both the opportunities and challenges of cross-listing digital securities internationally.

InvestaX Collaboration


Based in Zug, the platform is fully compliant with all Swiss laws related to financial intermediaries, banking, anti-money laundering, and organized trading facilities. Among its core values, there are innovative solutions through blockchain technology, which ensures security and liquidity.

EDSX is the first platform in Europe with primary and secondary markets for both institutional and retails. EDSX is a pioneering platform that employs the world’s leading technology to globally list security tokens in both primary and secondary markets, listing digital securities of real financial instruments to the public with a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. Our goal is to fully engage every aspect of the financial revolution.

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