Mauro Andriotto, founder and CEO of EDSX, was a featured speaker at Blockchain Fest Cyprus 2022 to discuss the state of digital asset regulation across Europe. Blockchain Fest, hosted in Cyprus this year, brought together cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders from across the globe.

As the first security token exchange to launch in Europe catering to both retail and institutional investors, EDSX has played a pivotal role in expanding access to digital securities. In his talk, Andriotto focused on the European Union’s legal framework around crypto assets. In the discussions, regulations such as the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), the Distributed Ledger Technology Pilot Regime, and the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) were mentioned. He delved into the existing rules governing public offerings.

Drawing on his experience navigating Europe’s regulatory landscape to launch and operate EDSX, Andriotto provided valuable insights. He highlighted promising developments like Switzerland’s progressive stance towards digital assets. Andriotto also explained how Switzerland’s unique legislation works. Furthermore, he discussed exciting projects slated to launch on EDSX. These exciting projects were analyzed by their prospects for strong returns and importance in growing the industry overall. Andriotto’s talk offered those in attendance a nuanced understanding of regulations affecting digital assets in Europe. It also offered a first-hand perspective on building compliance.

Visitors to now have the opportunity to watch a full recording of Andriotto’s speech. By providing this content, EDSX aims to further the discussion on how regulation can best foster the growing digital asset space. Viewers can gain insights directly from the perspective of a European market leader in tokenized securities.

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