EDSX is the first platform in Switzerland – and one of the first in Europe – able to provide a primary and secondary market for security tokens.

Just a few days ago, we have completed the compliance procedure to provide a secondary market for security tokens for institutional and retail investors and we plan to open it in Q3 2022 – we have waited almost three years to see this finally coming to life and we’re so proud of where we’ve come so far!

On the platform – edsx.ch – a demo of secondary market is already available. Its launching could help the security token issuing and asset tokenization industry to take off as today there are many providers offering tokenization services but without the possibility to list the tokens.

It's important to say that the decentralized exchange will allow trading in a peer-to-peer way but without the counterparty risk thanks to the blockchain technology.

Concerning the primary market, many projects will be open in a few weeks – among which there are startups, NFT diamonds, a pre-IPO launching in tokens of a biotech company and one of the biggest mining groups in Zambia who wish to digitalize copper on EDSX.

This is only the start for a digital revolution to catch on!


So, what are you waiting for?       
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About EDSX:


Based in Zug, the platform is fully compliant with all Swiss laws related to financial intermediaries, banking, anti-money laundering, and organized trading facilities. Among its core values, there are innovative solutions through blockchain technology, which ensures security and liquidity.

EDSX is the first platform in Europe with primary and secondary markets for both institutional and retails. EDSX is a pioneering platform that employs the world’s leading technology to globally list security tokens in both primary and secondary markets, listing digital securities of real financial instruments to the public with a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. Our goal is to fully engage every aspect of the financial revolution.

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