EDSX takes you to a higher stage of financial investments,
through a simple and transparent process built around the investor's needs.
Join thousands of investors and access innovative investment opportunities from around the world.
1. Register and complete your free account
Registration is required to access the platform and be able to view projects and documentation. Just a few clicks and you can start investing. There is no investment suitable for everyone: the important thing is knowing how to understand the right exposure to risk to avoid surprises.
2. Open A Free Digital Wallet
To invest in EDSX it is necessary to own a wallet or open a new one, it is easy and we will offer our support.
You can ask for our assistance here.
Do you need a wallet?
3. Discover the projects and choose your investments
EDSX gives to investors the possibility to have access to both the primary market and the exchange.

Choose the investments based on your risk-return profile. Explore the projects listed on the primary market or the securities trading on the exchange, contact the issuers and participate in the community discussions.

You will need an electronic wallet to hold your financial instruments. (CHECK THE TUTORIAL).
You will have to send us some info about yourself in order to be correctly registered as the owner of the financial securities.

Sell your financial instruments through the exchange or make new investments.
what are the differences between
Primary Market
The primary market is where securities are created and floated for the first time to the public.
Investors trade previously issued securities without the issuing companies’ involvement in order to liquidate an investment or the issuer launches a secondary offering to raise additional capital.
Investments are incorporated in digital tokens and in order to hold them you need a digital wallet
Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Please read the terms & conditions before investing. Investments should only be made by investors who understand these risks. Taxation depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change in future.
Discover The Best Opportunities
The benefits
The only Secondary Market
for SMEs is ready
Enjoy now the chance to buy and sell your shares!
  • Invest in businesses outside of a funding round
  • Buy more shares in businesses you already own
  • Discover opportunities and trade securities
  • Fast transactions and zero fees
  • Quickly convert your investments into liquidity
  • Re-balance your investment portfolio
  • Make profit if the share price increases
  • Enable investors to exit when they're ready (even if you're not)
  • A secondary market makes it easier to attract new investors in future rounds
  • Buy-back & market making
  • Raise capital with a secondary offering
  • Sell the entire company or just a stake easily
Buying Process

The future of investments is here

Quality investments a click away. Invest in innovative companies from across the world.
Liquidate more easily. Access a global pool of investors across multiple secondary markets and try to sell your investment.
Equity is now digital. Claim dividends, participate in decision making, and follow the company’s growth – with just one interface.
Login to your
EDSX account
your next investment
the payment
are transferred
Selling Process
Investors now have the opportunity to turn their investments into returns without waiting for the
business to be acquired, or floated on the stock market
in your EDSX account
your offer
the sale
are transferred
Do you still have doubts? Contact us!
Enjoy your free wallet!
Open and connect your free Wallet
How to obtain a safe and free wallet in a few steps?
Opening a wallet is similar to opening a bank account ...
Just easier, cheaper and faster!
There are several ways to obtain an electronic wallet that can be used on EDSX. One of these is safe and free and it is called: MEW CONNECT.

1. Download and install the app «MEWconnect» from the App Store or Google Play.
2. Click «Create New Wallet».
3. Pick a strong password. Make sure you pick a password that is not easy to guess and click the arrow on the right top of the screen. Type the password again.

ATTENTION! If you lose the password there won’t be any other possibility to recover it and you might lose your tokens forever.

5. In the next step you may activate the fingerprint authentication to access the wallet.
Back it up now!
We advise you to back it up for security reasons – step 5.
Losing the phone without a backup may prevent you having access to your wallet again.

5. Back it up now and WRITE DOWN YOUR SEED WORDS.

This is the single most important piece of information about your wallet. These 24 words will decide the future of your funds. Do not lose them, write them down!

These 24 words must be kept safely because they can be used to restore the wallet (anyone could restore a wallet with these seed words, so keep them in a safe place).

Send us your Wallet Address.
During the sign-up phase we will need to know your wallet address in order to transfer to you the property of your investments and send you the tokens.
Tokens will be sent exactly to the wallet address you are sending us.
Transactions are definitive and irreversible. Please check it twice!
You can copy and paste the wallet address from your phone or connecting to MEW from the desktop:

1. Access My Wallet
2. MEWconnect
3. Scan the QR code
4. Copy and paste the wallet address in the registration area of EDSX

You are ready to invest!

Do you still have some questions?
Please read our FAQs and our full guide
What is MEWconnect
MEWconnect is our companion mobile app for MyEtherWallet. We call it a hardware wallet without all the hardware. Now available for all Android and iOS smartphones!
How can I send a transaction?
MEWconnect lets anyone with a balance of ETH or ERC20 tokens send a transaction, without additional charges. Using the Ethereum blockchain takes gas, which is paid for in ETH, so we recommend having at least .01 ETH to cover around 2 - 3 transactions. Read more
I forgot my password/private key! What can I do?
MEWconnect (and EDSX) does not offer support to recover or reset passwords/seed words. We always suggest writing down private keys and passwords on physical paper/notebooks for safekeeping. Maybe you saved it on your computer! For ideas on what to look for, Read more
How to buy Ethers?
How to buy Ethers?
You can buy Ethers directly from MEWconnect with a credit card in a few seconds.
The minimum sale is $50, however you will need just few cents per transaction, independently from the value of the tokens transferred.
So, these ethers will probably last for a long time.

On MEW connect you will pay a small fee for buying ether.

If you want to buy ether from our partners with a bank transfer you can write us here:
Get access at your wallet through the desktop.
1. Access My Wallet from
2. Access MEWconnect from your phone
3. Scan the QR code with your phone
4. Column on the left – click «SEND»
_ Select the type of tokens you want to send
_ The amount
_ Put the wallet address you see on the platform or the wallet address provided by the seller
_ The gas is the small fee to be paid in ether that regulate the transaction speed

SEND THE TRANSACTION – EDSX will send an email confirmation once it’s completed